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An angry man:

As the tension built inside him, you could see his lips quiver with rage, choking back the salty tears that he could feel rise in his eyes. his manner became taller, broader, and clenched to the very bone. He paced back and forth around the room, mumbling to himself as he did. Then suddenly he stopped, he stared straight into her heart and burst forward into a string of a words that leaped down her throat and got a hold of her heart, squeezing it and loving it at the same time. His pain was shown through his blood shot eyes, his now weakened figure, and his tear stained lips. He was broken by the love that betrayed him yet continued to love, despite her actions.


An angry woman:

She had told him so many times before, she had repeated herself until her mouth was dry, and she went on and on and on, and he still wouldn’t listen to her words, all he listened to was the tone she always had leaving her mouth- anger. He was sick of her going through messages, asking him questions he didn’t think she needed to know the answer to, and repeating herself over and over. She yelled so much the roof could have been torn off by the sheer volume of her voice, she waved her hands about in his face to get his attention when he would daze off listening to the same thing he had heard multiple times before. He didn’t want to change, but she stayed every time he fell into bad habits.



Now why is an angry woman ‘bitter’? and an angry man ‘passionate’? They’re both in the same situation, they’re both in love with someone who isn’t faithful, loyal, or who isn’t going to change their ways, even if it means loosing the person they say they love. They both stay because their love for this one person means more to them than having to be without them no matter how much it hurts to stay. So why is it when a woman does the same as a man, in the same situation, with the same outcome- she is painted as the bad one, the bitter one, the one who is in the wrong, whereas he lays in the hearts of people around the world as the one who got hurt, and stayed in the name of love, countless times.


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