Human existence


Have you ever found yourself wondering why everything is called what it is? That mankind is called mankind because Adam was the first human on earth. That biology is called biology because it comes from the Greek word ‘bio’ meaning life- and is the study of living organisms.

So why is it called the human race? Maybe its because every person; black, white, big, small- is a part of the human species- a race of human beings- a minority. But maybe the human race is called the human race because we never stop racing to get to where we want to go.

We race to get older so that we can succeed, we race to get money so that we can buy everything we want, we race to find happiness. But by the time we find all this- its to late to enjoy what we have, or what we have become.

Have you ever stopped and looked around and really thought, ‘What am I rushing for’? To catch the last train? To have a child? To find love? When really all your doing is racing away your time, racing away all the moments in life that are what life really is about. Racing to the end- when the finish line is ultimately death.

If your lucky, most will grow up in the same stages; be born, grow, go to school, hit puberty, get a job, move out, find love, get married, have a child, have a career, retire and die in peace. But what happens in between all these stages- do you even remember? What happened was, all the moments and memories (that some would die for) slipped away even as they were created because all you where thinking was ‘what is the next step in the race’?

Think about education. It opens doors for you, gets you a successful job, and gives you knowledge. But when your sitting in a class room or in a lecture hall, have u ever thought about how this knowledge is surging through your brain, lighting up cells like colour explosions in your mind, or like electronic waves surfing through your head filling you with the knowledge that helps you grow and develop. People know that education is important, that it helps with the ‘next step’, but when this data enters your brain, no one thinks of the journey the words take to enrich your mind with the facts that shapes the very person you will become.

Now take love. If you’re lucky enough to find love, you follow a path to the day you get to spend the rest for your lives together. Find each other, get engaged, get married, buy a house, have children, retire and grow old. You spend your days wishing you could already be at the next stop in this path, that you may never take in memories you make along the way. You don’t appreciate the times you spend sitting around laughing together at ridiculous things, or just looking into each others eyes thinking that there is no better place to be, than in that moment. But you never know when that ‘time’ you spend together will be taken away from you. Your racing through the path you follow with love, but what if before you get to the end of the path, something happens and stops you on the way. What memories will you remember at the end?

We get told that we will be happy once we get all these things; all the success, all the money, the fame- but once we have it, are we really happy that we’ve wasted away our existence to get it, wasted it away so once we have it there is no time left to enjoy it. We walk, we jog, we run, racing towards the end of our lives, never stopping to take in the moments we ultimately leave behind in the end… maybe that’s why we call it the human race.


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