Im fine.

Im fine. two words that can have so many meanings to so many people.

I’m fine doesn’t always mean your actually fine. I’m fine can mean your angry at someone for what they’ve done but don’t want to show it, or want them to find what they’ve done wrong without having to explain it to them. It can mean your hurt and when you say your fine it means you will be fine but it will take time, or I’m fine can be a cry for help- help that your too scared to come right out and ask for but need more than anything in that moment.

Sometimes saying your fine is the only option you can find. you feel like if you say anything more you might get hurt or get let down or judged. Sometimes you just need someone else to get that when you say your fine, your really not. This is hard but if someone really knows you hope they will know that you need help or that somethings not right or that you need time. But you should never be afraid to say what your actually thinking- tell that boy/girl that you love them instead of sitting by and watching them love someone else, tell the person that hurt you that your angry and that they need to make things right or leave, ask for the help you need- you won’t be judged because your braver to come out and ask for the help than to go through it by yourself.

Sometimes when someone says their fine, they really are just fine. Not happy- not sad, just fine. But everyone deserves to be happy and that only happens when you speak up and have someone there to help you through it.


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