Dance with death

He looked deep into my eyes, reached out his hand and held mine in his. Slowing pulling me onto the dance floor. The music filled the air circling the room. Twisting and turning as I was lead across the floor. The touch of his skin caressing my bare arms, drawing symbols with his hands on the arch of my back. Leaning in and pressing his lips against my ear humming the beautiful sound that we moved as one with, sending chills down my spin as I got lost in his voice.

My heart skipped a beat as the butterflies arose in my stomach, flattering around as the back of his hand slowly ran its way down the side of my neck… his hand opened, grasping around my neck, pushing me against the wall, smashing my heart as he did so. The cold icy tips of his fingers scrapping up my arms and down my back drawing blood that flowed out of me like the running water of the cool Niagara Falls. The butterflies in my stomach dropped dead in a pit of darkness that now swirled inside me. His skin snow white, his eyes blackened and hollowed by the despair and sorrow he inflicts on others, and his lips pale blue and frozen lip those on a corpse. He leaned in closer, hand holding my neck tighter, heart rate going slower…breathing becoming harder…one last kiss of his icy lips on mine- and then…darkness.


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